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Parson Amplification

1975 HW 


Power: 50 Watts

Circuit Process: Hand Wired

Power Amp Tubes: 3 x 12ax7  / 2 x El34

We are offering the 1975HW a standard black tolex 

as well as a limited edition white tolex. 

  The 1975HW has that classic high gain British rock sound similar to a JMP of the mid 70s but with added sustain and super thick harmonic crunch tones. Simply by using the volume knob on your guitar, the 1975HW has the ability to achieve smooth, fat, clean tones reminiscent of classic non-master volume British amps.

The 1975HW also takes your favorite OD pedals like a champ and using one will take your sustain to another level. From LZ to ZW, the 1975HW can easily cover all your British needs. Our superior component quality and sound design choices make it one of the best rock amps available today. 


"If you want clean blues, crunchy thrash, scooped mid death metal or even a little country twang, this is the amp for you... I put down my name brand amp to give this one a shot and now I'm never going back."- -Ryan Perkins, Devil Lies Down


  • Power: 30 Watts

  • Printed Circuit Board

  • The SL-30 offers two channels, clean and drive, each with independent preamp gain and master volume controls.  

  • Power Amp Tubes: 5 x 12ax7  / 2 x 6L6 for 

​30 watts from a pair of 6L6 power tubes makes our SL30 ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of stage volume with some nice power amp distortion. With the crunch switch and the bright switch options, The Normal channel can range from clean tones to dirty rock riffs. With 5 12ax7's, The Overdrive channel is smooth high-gain rock tone. Utilize your favorite Overdrive to push it into molten territory!!!