The Pros & Cons of Guitar Kits

You’ve decided to build a guitar, but you’re struggling to find all of the pieces you need. That’s where a guitar kit comes in handy! Guitar kits are typically all-in-one packages that include everything you need to build a guitar. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of starting with a guitar kit so that you can decide if it’s right for you.


  • All of the parts are included. Most guitar kits include the body, neck, hardware, wiring harness, and pickups, and bridge needed to build a guitar. This means that instead of searching for every piece, you can make one purchase and get everything included. All you need is some simple tools, like a hammer and screwdriver, to get the project going. 
  • No risk of incorrect parts. Since guitar kits already come with the parts needed, you don’t need to worry about getting parts that don’t fit the cavities or parts not meant for the guitar you’re building. 
  • Less costly. Though the upfront cost of a kit may be more than starting a guitar from scratch, the overall costs are lower since all of the parts are there at the start. It also saves money by eliminating the risk of purchasing the wrong sized parts, as many luthier companies do not allow for refunds.
  • Saves time. As you can guess, buying a guitar kit saves the time of having to search for each individual part, letting you start on your project right away!

  • Cons

  • Low customization. Since guitar kits come with most or all of the parts needed to build a guitar, there are few customization options. However, some guitar kits come unfinished, allowing you to add some personal touch to your guitar. You can also find kits that only include necks and bodies, allowing much more customization.
  • Difficulty of luthier projects. Even though guitar kits come with all of the necessary parts to make a guitar, it still takes time to learn the right ways of connecting everything together. However, there are many tutorials online to help.

  • Although you may not be able to customize your guitar as much, guitar kits are a great way to simplify the guitar making process and give your project a jumpstart. Allen Eden offers a variety of finished and unfinished electric guitar kits; check them out here! And for more luthier tutorials, visit our YouTube page.
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