Jay Rosado
Ms. Lauryn Hill
Rustee Allen
Solo Artist
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Ceth Carter & Charlie Bonnet
Charlie Bonnet III and the Folking Gasholes
Eric Eq Young 
Jimmy James 
Junk Yard
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Chris Stephenson
Pace Assembly
Kenney James
True Funk Soldiers
Alex Kane
Shark Island - Enuff-Z'Nuff
Jose Echevarria
CCM artist- Anthony Evans


David Barcai - Dead West

Drew Lucero - Darken The Day

Drew Williams - Cosmic Wool

Mike Garcia - Darken The Day

Robert Smith - Darken The Day

Jason Kleim - BeerWolf

Sean Hearn - N2TheBlak

John C Hall - Session Player

Billy Chan - Blue Uncle
Rod Stuckey - Session Player
Willie Otis Lemons III - Pristine Raeign
Ryan Perkins - Devil Lies Down
Terre Holland - Clones Of Funk
Kenneth Ortega - DieDra and the Ruff Pro Band
Michael Flowers - Michael Flower Xperience

Brandon Stephens - Opal Staples Orchestra
Doc Robinson - Stratify

John Chew Green - The Highway Qcs feat. Spencer Taylor

E Pruitt - Funk Shui Project 

Steve Carias - DW3

Stephen Damon-Tilley - Renegade Cartel

Elvis - Hogjaw

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